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Affiliate Information Page

Become an affiliate today and earn 6% commission on all sales! You can shop and share the wide selection of celebrity fashion jewelry with all of your website's visitors. Link to your Facebook, and Twitter pages today to start earning 6% commission on all sales!

Check back at frequently, as we change our offers weekly. We also have product videos that you can post, blog, and tweet to generate sales. You can also suggest as a MySpace or Facebook friend - and when someone buys from your link, you will earn a commission on their purchases! We offer a 45 day cookie, which means that if the visitor returns to purchase within 45 days, you earn 6% commission!

Affiliate Program Details:
  • Category: Fashion Accessories, Jewelry
  • Network: ShareASale since 2006
  • Cookie Tracking (Return Days) : 45 days
  • Commission: 6% on every sale
  • Threshold: $50
  • Customer Actions: Unlimited within Cookie Tracking Period
  • Two Tier: No
  • DataFeeds: Yes, via ShareASale
  • Coupons : Yes
  • Network Premier Partner Status: Yes
  • Dynamic Page Creator:
  • Individual Product Linking (IPL): Login and get link On ShareASale
  • Free KeyWord List: Yes, email program manager
  • RSS News Feed: RSS via Feedburner
  • Affiliate Program Manager: Petra H.
  • Email:

About is the destination for fans and fashionistas to buy versions of the latest jewelry inspired and worn by their favorite film, music, and TV stars. Over the past eleven years, Emitations has become the hottest resource for celebrity and fashion media, with sterling silver necklaces and cubic zirconia earrings appearing on TV on The Today Show, and in magazines such as US Weekly, InStyle, Glamour, Cosmo Girl, Ebony, 944, and People. Emitations jewelry has also been featured many times on The View's annual reviews of Oscar and Golden Globe awards style. Emitations also sells a wide range of other fashionable jewelry at very competitive prices, with national and international shipping options including free domestic with a $75 purchase and free international shipping with a $125 purchase. is an online retailer dedicated to providing customers with the latest trends in celebrity and cubic zirconia jewelry at affordable prices. Extensive research is performed on the latest Hollywood fashions, making Emitations the online authority in sterling silver jewelry and accessories.

Become an affiliate and help others bring out their inner fashionista!


What is an affiliate program?
If you love our products, then you can make money by selling our products to your friends and family with our affiliate program! An affiliate program is where you can become a sales partner for We will pay you a commission for each sale you refer to We use a third party tracking company to track links and report to you the sales activity you generate. You will earn a commission for each valid sales transaction.

How do I get paid?
You get paid a percentage of sales generated from your website. All sales are tracked through Shareasale and depending how you set up payment with Shareasale, this is how you will be paid.

Do you provide marketing and promotion support for affiliates?
Yes! We provide banners, landing pages, text links, widgets, product videos and contests so that you can generate sales for All of the links are within and if you have a creative idea regarding how to promote, email us at with your ideas! We send out newsletters frequently to tell you about the hottest selling items, the latest news about the program, and more. We make it easy for you!

Do you provide banner ads?
Yes - we provide all sizes and types of banner ads in Shareasale. Go to the Get Links > Get a Link/Banner and you will see all types of banner ads that you can use. If you use the category “Auto Updating Banners”, you just need to place the banners once in your site and we will update them with the latest products and promotions.

May I use Facebook, Twitter or Blogs for the affiliate program?
Yes! You may use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video blogs – you name it, to promote Just use a text link from your Shareasale account and all sales will be tracked seamlessly. Be creative with your links. If you have any questions, email us and we’ll work with you.

How can I use Product Videos with my affiliate links?
Product videos are a great way to show your website users how the product looks before they buy it. There’s many ways you can use Product Videos to promote In Shareasale, you can place a product video link [Get Links > Get Videos] in your website, blog, Facebook, Tweet it, Text it – send it however you want. The product video is linked with your affiliate code and you will receive the credit when they click through your links or product video and purchase at

How can I use Widgets with my affiliate links?
Widgets are a great tool to promote In Get Links > Get Widgets, you can place the HTML code into your website and you will have the latest products and promotions in your site. We will change the content in the widget weekly with the best selling items, top rated jewelry, latest promotions and contests. You just have to place the HTML code into your website.

How can I get assistance with Shareasale?
If you need any assistance, Shareasale has a Help Center located at, where you can search topics or submit tickets to them for assistance.

Can Dropship and Wholesale accounts also participate in the Emitations Affiliate Program?
No, we do not permit Dropship and Wholesale accounts to participate in the Affiliate Program at the same time. Dropshippers and wholesalers are ineligible for the Affiliate Program commission.

Celebrity Disclaimer
The celebrities pictured on do not sponsor or endorse the products sold on and are not associated or affiliated with's use of the celebrities pictured are for informational purposes only, in order to demonstrate the similarity of's products with those worn by celebrities.

Movie/Television/Advertisement Disclaimer
The celebrities, movies, television series and advertisements depicting celebrities (including, without limitation, the corresponding studio, production company, distribution company or any party affiliated with the movie and/or television series and/or advertisements) pictured on do not sponsor or endorse the products sold on and are not associated or affiliated with's use of the celebrities pictured, either individually or in a movie and/or television series and/or advertisements, are for informational purposes only, in order to demonstrate the similarity of's products with those worn by celebrities.