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Movie Jewelry, Inspired by Hollywood
Our movie jewelry collection will transform your evening into a red carpet affair. Some of the most memorable and influential pieces of jewelry were introduced to us through popular TV shows and movies. Here at we've captured the essence of some of your favorite starlets and offer you a gorgeous collaboration of movie and celebrity inspired jewelry.

You won't believe your eyes when you slip one of our flawless cubic zirconia rings onto your finger! We've mastered a variety of classic clear faux diamond rings in an array of styles, settings and sizes, but we didn't stop there. Delight yourself with our opulent collection of colored CZ rings. Stand out with our Kate Middleton inspired wedding ring. We all watched as she waved to the world showing off her royal ring, but thanks to us you can do the same, for a lot less of course.

And who can forget the famous Ruby necklace that Julia Roberts wore in "Pretty Woman"! We're happy to bring you our version of this stunning necklace. Spice up that dress of yours with our beautiful faux diamond and faux ruby sterling silver necklace. This show-stopping piece will turn heads and make you the belle of the ball!

Take a trip back to the roaring 1920's and add a bit of vintage sophistication to your collection. We have everything you need to mix in a modern day flapper feel to your wardrobe. Our "Great Gatsby" inspired jewels have an amazing art deco feel that will surely vamp up your mood. Spruce up your blouse with a pave CZ and freshwater pearl accented brooch or complement a sleek up-do with a pair of our fabulous button clip on earrings. Vintage jewelry works for any occasion because of its everlasting versatility and chicness.

Fashion Contributor - Eugene P. Williams
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Gift Set: 007 Comparable Bond Girl Jewelry Set
Was:$235.00  On Sale: $204.99
Princess Diana Comparable CZ Sapphire Necklace
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $88.00
Jax's Gold Bullet Necklace
Was:$25.00  On Sale: $19.99
Karianne's Celebrity Inspired Wedding Ring Set
Was:$160.00  On Sale: $119.00
Vanessa's Engravable Heart CZ Promise Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $70.00
Victoria's 19 ct Synthetic Sapphire Cocktail Ring
Was:$180.00  On Sale: $144.99
Kesha's Coral and Champagne CZ Cocktail Ring
Was:$135.00  On Sale: $108.99
Ri's Silver and CZ Snake Ring
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.00
Jolie's Emerald Step Cut CZ Engagement Ring
Was:$180.00  On Sale: $145.00
Bee's 6 ct Emerald Cut CZ Split Band Wedding Ring
Was:$185.00  On Sale: $170.00
Ani's CZ Pave Cross Charm Necklace
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $59.99
Designer Inspired Pave Trinity Rolling Ring
Was:$295.00  On Sale: $250.00
Bernice's Designer Inspired Flower Necklace
Was:$165.00  On Sale: $149.00
O's 7.5 TCW Cubic Zirconia Pear Drop Earrings
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.99
Katie's Synthetic Sapphire and CZ Stud Earrings
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $53.00
Suri's Vintage Style CZ Drop Earrings
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $69.00
Kate Middleton Comparable Wedding Earrings
Was:$115.00  On Sale: $94.99

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Famous Movie Jewelry Recreated
There are certain TV shows and movies which feature highly talked about pieces of jewelry that become just as famous as the actors. Who can forget the incredible sapphire heart shaped pendant necklace from Titanic? Since the film's release, women everywhere dream of wearing the magnificent piece of jewelry around their neck. Unfortunately, most famous jewels highlighted in TV or film are one of a kind pieces made specifically for the production. Such exclusive pieces of jewelry are either too expensive or unfeasible for the rest of us jewelry lovers to enjoy. Luckily, we have put our skills into action and created a top rated collection of movie inspired jewelry for you to impress in! We incorporated aspects of certain famous pieces that make them sought-after and designed affordable versions. You don't have to be the leading lady in your favorite film to wear the stunning jewelry. Our dazzling knockoff designer jewelry will make you feel like a starlet all evening, without the nuisance of the paparazzi trying to sneak a picture of you.

Add A Touch of Hollywood Glamour to Your Wardrobe
If you consider yourself a modern day fashionista that loves to stay on top of all the latest trends, you're probably aware of how expensive it can get trying to keep up. It seems as if every new issue of your favorite magazine features A-list celebs sporting the trendiest jewelry. With a star-studded budget celebrities can visit designer jewelry stores and stock up on all their bling. But what about the rest of us who don't have that kind of money? Well, fortunately we are here to provide you with celebrity worthy glamour that is affordable. Our compilation of Hollywood inspired jewelry has all the rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces you need to embrace your inner starlet. No matter what occasion you are trying to accessorize for, we have you covered. Is your guy going to pop the big question soon? If you're sure he is then send him our way! We have a variety of top rated celebrity engagement rings for him, or you, to choose from. Now you don't have to dream of having that celebrity worthy ring but settle for something less. Thanks to us you can have that big beautiful rock on your finger and the best part is nobody will know it's not real. Our CZs are highly talked about because they give women what they admire about celebrity engagement rings - big carats. Celebrity engagement rings tend to feature large stones worth millions of dollars. We happily bring you these same amazing styles for a lot less. When you first slip on one of our rings you won't believe your eyes. We are able to tastefully design our large carat rings to embody the shine and clarity of famous engagement rings. Everyone of our celebrity inspired pieces, no matter how big, sparkles from every angle and makes you feel like you're truly wearing the real deal. Our rings will have you giving celebrities a run for their money.