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Nickel Free Necklaces
Are you looking for hypoallergenic jewelry, or do you have nickel metal allergies? We've got you covered with our nickel free rings, nickel free earrings, nickel free bracelets, nickel free clipons, nickel free jewelry sets, and nickel free necklaces. They may not have the nickel that our other jewelry has, but trust us, they have all the style. Our sterling silver and cz rings are here for you!

Why do we offer nickel free jewelry?

Many of the alloys used in jewelry contain nickel. Approximately 15% of the U.S. population, however, experiences allergic reactions to nickel. Symptoms can range from itching and redness to blisters or rashes at the point of contact. To be technical for a moment, it's not the nickel itself that people are allergic to but the metallic salts that are created when the metal comes into contact with perspiration. Traditional sterling silver contains small amounts of nickel, which some may react to. Our nickel free jewelry allows you to wear incredible jewelry without having to suffer!
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Ariana's Petite Gold CZ Cross Necklace
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $39.99
Zhen Zhen's 18in Gold CZ Panda Necklace
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $88.00
Pacha's 18in Gold Petite Infinity Necklace
Was:$92.00  On Sale: $76.00
Paige's 16in Classic Round CZ Tennis Necklace
Was:$333.00  On Sale: $278.00
Kit's Silver CZ Dagger Evil Eye Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.00
Kit's Rose Gold CZ Dagger Evil Eye Necklace
Was:$119.00  On Sale: $95.00
Karice's Simple Silver Bar Charm Necklace
Was:$39.00  On Sale: $32.00
Karice's Simple Gold Bar Charm Necklace
Was:$39.00  On Sale: $32.00
Sofie's Silver Curved Bar Necklace
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $45.00
Cascadia's Petite Gold Evil Eye Necklace
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $45.00
Cherise's Opal and CZ Evil Eye Necklace
Was:$79.00  On Sale: $65.00
Alena's Solid Silver Bar Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.00
Andra's Evil Eye CZ Necklace
Was:$190.00  On Sale: $155.00
Delia's 44 Inch Layered Coin Charm Necklace
Was:$119.00  On Sale: $95.00
Adrienne's Gold Charm Necklace - Foxy
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $36.00
Allura's Antique Jewelry Necklace
Was:$395.00  On Sale: $356.00
Baker's Two Tone CZ Cupcake Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.00
Baker's CZ Pave cupcake Necklace - Gold Plated
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $50.00
Baker's Pink CZ Pave Cupcake Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $55.00
Algerian Love Knot Jewelry - PETITE Necklace
Was:$160.00  On Sale: $125.00
The Break Up Gold Leaf Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $59.00
Faux Wish Diamond Necklace - Blue Topaz CZ
Was:$675.00  On Sale: $469.00
Dublin's Matte Gold Tone CZ Cross Necklace
Was:$90.00  On Sale: $72.00
Marilyn's Vintage CZ Necklace
Was:$1,015.00  On Sale: $609.00
Lina's CZ California Palm Tree Necklace - Gold
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $86.00
Adrienne's Gold Charm Necklace - "I Am"
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $36.00
Gold Double Necklace Chain - 18" (1mm)
Was:$27.00  On Sale: $24.50
Jennifer's Wishbone Necklace - Gold Plated
Was:$99.00  On Sale: $79.00
Kali's Kabala Hamsa Necklace
Was:$100.00  On Sale: $79.99
Keira's Gold Vintage Necklace
Was:$850.00  On Sale: $599.00
Li's Fancy Butterfly Necklace (18" Chain)
Was:$405.00  On Sale: $365.00
Lina's CZ California Palm Tree Necklace
Was:$80.00  On Sale: $69.00
Lieselotte's Medieval Necklace
Was:$335.00  On Sale: $302.00
Fancy Wreath CZ Necklace - 22.75 TCW
Was:$825.00  On Sale: $660.60
Midori's Fancy Emerald CZ Necklace
Was:$1,260.00  On Sale: $879.00
Mimi's Pave CZ Butterfly Necklace
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $89.00
Night at the Oscars 20 Carat CZ Emerald Necklace
Was:$1,755.00  On Sale: $1,049.99
Night at the Oscars CZ Ruby Necklace
Was:$1,000.00  On Sale: $750.00
Night at the Oscars CZ Sapphire Necklace
Was:$1,000.00  On Sale: $750.00
Alexia's Pear Drop CZ Ruby Necklace
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $65.00
Nim's CZ Peacock Necklace
Was:$165.00  On Sale: $132.00
Petite Fleur De Lis CZ Necklace
Was:$62.00  On Sale: $57.00
Silver Infinity Necklace - Petite
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $83.00
Dogwood Flower Gold Tone CZ Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $52.00
Sadie's 2 CT Round Pink CZ Solitaire Necklace
Was:$49.00  On Sale: $39.00
"Sex and the City" Style Wishbone Necklace
Was:$69.00  On Sale: $59.00
Shelby's Teardrop Charm Necklace
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $135.00
Sheldon's Green Pave Turtle Pendant
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $65.00
Jennifer's Wishbone Pendant - Sterling Silver
Was:$99.00  On Sale: $79.00
18 inch Gold Vermeil Anchor Charm Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $49.00
Larkin Leaf Break-Up Necklace
Was:$95.00  On Sale: $79.99
Sora's Silver Fleur de Lis Pendant
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $46.00
Silver Infinity Necklace - Original
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $79.00
Bond Girl Jewelry Algerian Love Knot Necklace
Was:$220.00  On Sale: $176.00
Jennifer's Wishbone Pendant - Gold Tone
Was:$25.00  On Sale: $19.99
Arja's 60 in. 60 CZs by the Yard Necklace
Was:$290.00  On Sale: $232.00
Aquarius Horoscope Zodiac CZ Necklace
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $41.00
Adelaide's Oval & Pear Cut Fancy CZ Necklace
Was:$675.00  On Sale: $608.00
Barbel's Art Deco Flower Necklace
Was:$250.00  On Sale: $124.99
Ariana's Tiny CZ Cross Necklace
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $35.00
Blair's Designer Inspired Elephant Necklace
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $87.00
Sterling Silver Bow Necklace
Was:$100.00  On Sale: $90.00
Candy's CZ Apple Necklace
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $77.00
Vancouver Starfish CZ Necklace
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $48.99
Outlet Item: Devil Mudflap Girl Pendant
Was:$44.00  On Sale: $31.00
Felicity's Solitaire CZ Necklace
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $36.00
Trudy's Flying Pig Necklace - Rose Gold Hued
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $51.00
Rue's Pave Bow and Arrow Charm Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $59.00
June's Crystal and Faux Pearl Necklace
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $135.00
Princess Diana Comparable CZ Sapphire Necklace
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $88.00
Kleins' CZ Star Necklace
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $59.00
Joelle's Gold Love Necklace
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $41.00
Joelle's Silver Love Necklace
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $41.00
Maiulo's 2.5 CT Clear Solitaire Necklace
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $99.00
Marcella's CZ Cross Necklace
Was:$100.00  On Sale: $89.00
CZ Bow Necklace
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $78.50
Singles' Hunk Necklace
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $36.00
Jacqueline's Sapphire CZ Necklace
Was:$290.00  On Sale: $250.00
Lark's Silver Pacman Style Charm Necklace
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $24.00
Porcius' Flying Pig CZ Necklace
Was:$79.00  On Sale: $59.99
Sparra's Vintage Diamond CZ Necklace
Was:$35.00  On Sale: $24.99
Zhen Zhen's Panda Necklace - 18" Chain
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $81.00
Goytoy Necklace: Final Sale
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $45.00

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