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925 Sterling Silver Information
The ".925" in sterling silver jewelry indicates that 92.5% of the metal is sterling silver, and the remaining 7.5% are alloy metals that may vary from product to product. Most of our sterling silver jewelry is made from alloys of silver and copper, however, other metals may be present. We purchase from many different vendors and they all have different formulations that they prefer using. If you have questions about whether a particular item is nickel free, please contact us by phone or email and we will happily research the matter for you.

99.9% silver is known as "Fine silver." 925 Sterling silver jewelry components made in the USA are often stamped "Sterling." Goods made for international trade are often marked "925," indicating the 92.5% fineness. "Coin" silver is used in some countries and may be marked either "900" or "800," depending on fineness.

Other markings may be seen that are less clear. "Mexican Silver", "German Silver," "Indian Silver," "Montana Silver," or simply "silver" do not guarantee any silver content. "German Silver" is another name for the alloy of Copper, Nickel and Zinc usually called Nickel Silver. Despite the name, Nickel Silver contains no silver.

In many countries, precious metal must be stamped with a quality mark such as "925" for sterling. Some countries require jewelry of precious metal be submitted to a governmental assay office for destructive testing before being marked and sold.

In the United States, The National Gold and Silver Marketing Act does NOT require precious metals to be marked with quality.

Sterling Silver is very easy to test for. Silver plated brass, Nickel Silver, or low quality silver alloys will turn green when a drop of Nitric acid is applied. Sterling silver jewelry however, will turn a creamy color. When testing suspect goods a small file can be used to cut through any plating or lacquer in an unobtrusive part of the item.

For many reasons, not all silver jewelry is marked. Registering a trademark costs over $1000. The maker may not spend the money to have a legal hallmark. Small time artists and Native American silversmiths rarely trademark their work. The size or design of some pieces do not lend themselves to quality marking. Findings and components are often not quality stamped leaving the assembler the choice of attaching a mark, perhaps on a chain tab, to the finished piece.

Many individual artists will stamp a quality mark along with their name or initials. While this satisfies the accountability at the heart of the US stamping act, it is not considered legal.

All of the jewelery with the appearance of silver are made of Rhodium-Plated Metal, unless otherwise stated. Please see the Help section titled "What is Rhodium?" for more information.

At Emitations.com no purchase is complete until you are satisfied. Make your jewelry special by choosing personalized jewelry. Our products are of the highest quality, and we are confident that upon receipt of your merchandise you will find that it matches your order exactly. If for any reason you decide not to keep your merchandise, you can return it to us within sixty (60) days of delivery when accompanied with its proper documentation and in its original box for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping, insurance, and handling charges are not refundable.

Fashion Contributor - Eugene P. Williams
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