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Art Deco Jewelry Reproductions & Art Deco Inspired Jewelry
Art deco jewelry reproductions give you all the timeless elements you love in jewelry form. What qualifies as art deco, you might be asking? Well to start a classic appearance for one, a vintage and aged design, and 1920s & 1930s flair. If you're the modern girl who loves all things classic or an older sophisticated woman who's had her fair share of history, then you'll love our art deco inspired collection. The collection mixes art deco designs with modern accents to form a classy and chic selection.

Hollywood has a long history of setting style trends, so why not add jewelry inspired by those seen on the silver screen to your collection? Fans of old Hollywood cinema will fall in love with pieces similar to those seen in classic films like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Chinatown, and The Seven Year Itch to name a few. Whisk yourself away to the good old days of fashion by adding fake art deco jewelry that looks as real and luxurious as the pieces from the early 1900s era. Not everyone is privileged enough to have heirloom jewelry, but with Emitations' vintage style jewelry inspired by sophisticated heirloom jewelry of yesteryear, you can enjoy these classic designs too. Jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation gets expensive! Anyone who's been antiquing knows that everything that's old is mighty expensive in today's world. Well now you can get aged looking jewelry at affordable prices and still maintain a vintage inspired style. Step into our time machine and go back in time with art deco inspired CZ jewelry that never gets old like antique style engagement rings and other notable art deco designed jewelry!

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Gwyneth's Crystal Bangle Bracelet
Was:$25.00  On Sale: $11.25
Reyah's Black Tassel Antique Earrings
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $34.99
Dion's CZ Vintage Necklace
Was:$35.00  On Sale: $24.50
Pinar's Pear CZ Vintage Necklace
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $9.00
Sparra's Vintage CZ Necklace
Was:$35.00  On Sale: $24.50
Sparra's Vintage Round CZ Necklace
Was:$35.00  On Sale: $24.50
Nadia's Vintage 2.56 TCW CZ Three Stone Ring
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $59.50
Julia's Vintage Blue CZ Cocktail Ring
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $49.00
Persephone's 2.5 TCW Antique Wedding Ring Set
Was:$135.00  On Sale: $40.50
Marilyn's Vintage CZ Necklace
Was:$1,015.00  On Sale: $304.50
Allura's Antique Jewelry Necklace
Was:$395.00  On Sale: $118.50
Darla's Vintage Wedding Ring Set
Was:$210.00  On Sale: $63.00
LaRhonda's Vintage Cushion Cut Canary CZ Ring
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $31.50
44mm CZ Art Deco Charm for Jewelry Making
Was:$215.00  On Sale: $64.50
47mm CZ Art Deco Charm for Jewelry Making
Was:$275.00  On Sale: $82.50
Vintage Style Wedding Ring - Blue CZ
Was:$89.00  On Sale: $62.30
Greta's Vintage Style CZ Cocktail Ring
Was:$45.00  On Sale: $31.50
Vera's Art Deco Marquise CZ Cocktail Ring
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $59.50
Scarlett's Art Deco CZ Engagement Ring
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $49.00
Chantilly's Art Deco CZ Right Hand Ring
Was:$125.00  On Sale: $75.00
Athena's Fleur De Lis CZ Antique Ring
Was:$195.00  On Sale: $97.50
Berit's Vintage Heart CZ Cuff Bracelet
Was:$385.00  On Sale: $173.25
Norah's Engagement Vintage Ring - Emerald Cut CZ
Was:$115.00  On Sale: $34.50
Signy's CZ Art Deco Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $52.50
Dienie's Antique Style Wedding Ring - 3 Carats
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $59.50
Jesenia's CZ Art Deco Engagement Ring
Was:$69.00  On Sale: $20.70
Vanora's CZ Antique Wedding Ring Set
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $75.00
Agne's CZ Antique Style Wedding Ring
Was:$130.00  On Sale: $39.00
Ambra's Art Deco Lace Cocktail Ring
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $105.00
Lacey's Heart Stretch Bridal Vintage Bracelet
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $15.99
Mary's Pink Art Deco Cocktail Ring
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $16.50
Chrisanta's CZ Vintage Stud Earrings
Was:$47.00  On Sale: $32.90
Ann's Vintage CZ Dangle Earring
Was:$175.00  On Sale: $122.50
Jackie's Antique Pear Drop CZ Dangle Earrings
Was:$177.50  On Sale: $53.25
Ava's Antique Pear Shape CZ Dangle Earrings
Was:$130.00  On Sale: $39.00
Lika's CZ Vintage Dangle Earrings
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $35.00
Prisca's Antique CZ Earrings
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $18.00
Columbia's CZ Art Deco Dangle Earrings
Was:$49.00  On Sale: $34.30
Milan's CZ Art Deco Dangle Earrings
Was:$69.00  On Sale: $48.30
Abril's CZ Vintage Dangle Earrings
Was:$29.00  On Sale: $14.50
Palma's Oval Vintage Style CZ Earrings
Was:$37.00  On Sale: $11.10
Julina's CZ Vintage Style Drop Earrings
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $9.00
Vintage Jewelry Earrings: Dara's Asscher Drops
Was:$99.00  On Sale: $69.30
Chelsea's Bridal Earrings Art Deco CZ Studs
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $77.00
Whittier's CZ Art Deco Earrings
Was:$38.00  On Sale: $25.00

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