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Fancy Necklaces
Fancy necklaces can really bring life to your ensemble. Depending on the style you’re striving to achieve, certain necklace trends can help accentuate your look! Most women own a favorite everyday necklace they can wear with just about anything in their closet, but sometimes its nice to have a piece or two that can glam up any outfit. You’ll be happily surprised when you browse through our gorgeous collection of fancy necklaces. Whether you’re looking for a multi-row pearl necklace to wear for a romantic dinner, or you’re dying to find a dazzling CZ necklace to accompany your party dress, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever look you wish to create, we have several fancy necklaces in fabulous styles and sizes that you’ll fall in love with! Why not elevate your little black dress with a multi-colored necklace? Our CZ jewelry collection offers you a wide selection of faux Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds to name a few. We even offer unique pieces with a variety of mixed colored stones for a fun and vibrant look!

Every necklace we have was created keeping your varying necklines in mind. If you love lower plunging necklines, then one of our long CZ strand necklaces is perfect for you! Many of our statement necklaces not only pack a powerful statement, but they also come with adjustable clasps, making them versatile and easy to wear with a chic collared shirt or a high-neckline dress.

Every woman wants to look her best; especially on days she will never forget. Our bridal jewelry is made up of beautiful pieces ranging from dainty earrings, to gorgeous rings and fancy necklaces. No bride should have to sacrifice not wearing stunning jewels on her big day, and thanks to us you don’t have to. All of our collection consists of top rated, high quality pieces with prices you won’t be able to stop telling your friends about!

Fashion Contributor - Jennifer Franco
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Aubree's CZ Emerald Estate Necklace
Was:$285.00  On Sale: $255.00
Paige's 16in Classic Round CZ Tennis Necklace
Was:$333.00  On Sale: $278.00
Cecile's Multi Cut Rhinestone Bib Necklace
Was:$39.00  On Sale: $29.00
Adelaide's Oval & Pear Cut Fancy CZ Necklace
Was:$675.00  On Sale: $608.00
Adrina's Fancy Tennis CZ Necklace - 16 inches
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $135.00
Allura's Antique Jewelry Necklace
Was:$395.00  On Sale: $356.00
Arja's 60 in. 30 CZs By the Yard
Was:$245.00  On Sale: $196.00
Arja's 60 in. 60 CZs by the Yard Necklace
Was:$290.00  On Sale: $232.00
Asteria's Fancy Necklace - Faux Ruby
Was:$215.00  On Sale: $194.00
Asteria's Fancy Necklace - Faux Sapphire
Was:$255.00  On Sale: $230.00
Bai's Ruby CZ Flower Necklace
Was:$360.00  On Sale: $324.00
Barbel's Art Deco Flower Necklace
Was:$250.00  On Sale: $124.99
Ziba's Fancy Red Fashion Prom Necklace Set
Was:$25.00  On Sale: $20.00
Bernice's Designer Inspired Flower Necklace
Was:$165.00  On Sale: $149.00
Breckin's Emerald CZ Drop Necklace
Was:$290.00  On Sale: $261.00
Brisa's Fancy Pearl And CZ Drop Necklace
Was:$155.00  On Sale: $140.00
Destiny's CZ Swirl Necklace - Champagne
Was:$275.00  On Sale: $248.00
Fancy Wreath CZ Necklace - 22.75 TCW
Was:$825.00  On Sale: $660.60
Faux Wish Diamond Necklace - Blue Topaz CZ
Was:$675.00  On Sale: $469.00
Hallie's Formal CZ Diamond Cluster Y Necklace
Was:$220.00  On Sale: $198.00
Jacqueline's Sapphire CZ Necklace
Was:$290.00  On Sale: $250.00
June's Crystal and Faux Pearl Necklace
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $135.00
Katinka's 3 Leaf Flower CZ Necklace
Was:$375.00  On Sale: $338.00
Keira's Gold Vintage Necklace
Was:$850.00  On Sale: $599.00
Krystal's Fancy Flower Necklace - Purple & Blue
Was:$240.00  On Sale: $216.00
Lea's Faux Diamond Swirl Heart Necklace
Was:$215.00  On Sale: $194.00
Lieselotte's Medieval Necklace
Was:$335.00  On Sale: $302.00
Marilyn's Vintage CZ Necklace
Was:$1,015.00  On Sale: $609.00
Midori's Fancy Emerald CZ Necklace
Was:$1,260.00  On Sale: $879.00
Night at the Oscars 20 Carat CZ Emerald Necklace
Was:$1,755.00  On Sale: $1,049.99
Night at the Oscars CZ Ruby Necklace
Was:$1,000.00  On Sale: $750.00
Night at the Oscars CZ Sapphire Necklace
Was:$1,000.00  On Sale: $750.00
Rori's CZ Sapphire Pear Drop Fancy Necklace
Was:$160.00  On Sale: $128.99
Shirley's Fancy CZ Triple Row Choker Necklace
Was:$245.00  On Sale: $221.00
Vera's Fancy Heart CZ Cluster Necklace
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $69.00

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