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Size 4 Rings
We don't know about you, but we've always had a hard time finding stylish rings for our petite fingers. Finding size 4 rings can be hard enough and it seems like when we finally do they're not the cutest rings. Luckily for you, and us we carry beautiful size 4 rings in breathtaking designs. Size 4 engagement rings are also great for those looking to add some bling to your pinky finger, so get fun & flirty with our stunning selection of cubic zirconia rings in your size.

Our size 4 collection includes our most popular cubic zirconia engagement rings. These designs feature the same high quality CZ stones and sterling silver as our other sized rings, but they're crafted with precision for women with smaller hands. Wear your ring proudly and watch it sparkle in the sun. You'll fall in love with our petite size 4 rings, so much so that you won't want to take them off! That's okay because they go great with just about any outfit.

Not only do customers love our size 4 rings, but fashion editorials love them too. Our size 4 fake engagement rings have been featured in spreads in People Style Watch, Life & Style, Woman's World, US Weekly, and Oprah Magazine. With our size 4 rings you don't have to sacrifice style for size, you'll get the best of both worlds with our precious petite rings!

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Fashion Contributor - Jennifer Franco
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Victoria's 19 ct Synthetic Sapphire Cocktail Ring
Was:$180.00  On Sale: $144.99
Sheena's Asscher Cut Channel Setting Ring
Was:$370.00  On Sale: $299.00
Jillian's Black Estate Ring
Was:$135.00  On Sale: $108.99
Sheera's CZ Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring -10mm
Was:$235.00  On Sale: $200.00
Padgett's Marquise Cut CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$230.00  On Sale: $169.00
Edith's Princess Cut CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$230.00  On Sale: $185.00
Vilda's Pink CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$215.00  On Sale: $175.00
Ashlie's CZ Cocktail Ring - Canary
Was:$205.00  On Sale: $163.99
Maria's CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$205.00  On Sale: $184.00
Montbeliard Canary Cocktail Ring - 9 TCW
Was:$185.00  On Sale: $149.00
Jolie's Emerald Step Cut CZ Engagement Ring
Was:$180.00  On Sale: $145.00
Vedete's Fake Engagement Ring - 5 CT CZ Diamond
Was:$175.00  On Sale: $130.00
Elle's Two Finger Flower Ring - Rose Gold
Was:$125.00  On Sale: $99.00
Persephone's 2.5 TCW Antique Wedding Ring Set
Was:$135.00  On Sale: $108.99
Ella's Bezel Set Asscher with CZ Border Ring
Was:$160.00  On Sale: $130.00
Kat's Pave CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$155.00  On Sale: $125.00
Gift Set: Simulated Pink Engagement Ring Set
Was:$154.99  On Sale: $109.99
Saraya's Engagement Ring - 3 Stone Asscher Cut CZ
Was:$150.00  On Sale: $125.00
Gift Set: Trista's Tri-Color Ring Set
Was:$149.97  On Sale: $69.99
Darla's Vintage Wedding Ring Set
Was:$130.00  On Sale: $105.00
Gaspari's Pink Cocktail Ring
Was:$130.00  On Sale: $105.00
Elle's Two Finger Flower Ring - Silver
Was:$125.00  On Sale: $99.00
Malea's Silver Wedding Ring Trio Set
Was:$125.00  On Sale: $101.00
Anne Marie's Three Stone Asscher Cut CZ Canary Ring
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $104.00
Arlene's Asscher Cut CZ Ring
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $94.00
Romanza's CZ Eternity Band Ring Heart Charm
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $95.99
Edie's Petite Pear CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $109.00
Padgett's Engagement Ring - Marquise Cut CZ
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $97.00
Detty's 1.5 CT Asscher Cut CZ Solitaire Ring
Was:$119.00  On Sale: $95.00
Cheri's 2.7 TCW Asscher Style CZ Three Stone Ring
Was:$117.00  On Sale: $94.00
Rosario's 2 TCW CZ Pink Princess Ring
Was:$117.00  On Sale: $95.00
Etoile High Polish CZ Eternity Pinky Ring
Was:$117.00  On Sale: $89.00
Alexandrine's Trillion Cut Blue CZ Ring
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $94.00
Heather's Engagement Ring - Round Cut CZ
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $82.00
Brooke's CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $88.00
Bex's CZ & Pearl Cluster Ring
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $45.99
Nell's Flower Ring - Freshwater Pearl
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $48.99
LaRhonda's Vintage Rings: Cushion Cut CZ Ring
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $84.00
Ashlynn's Polished CZ Solitaire Wedding Ring Set
Was:$104.00  On Sale: $75.00
Camella's Canary Estate Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $60.99
Lisa's Three Stone Asscher Cut CZ Ring
Was:$104.00  On Sale: $83.00
Dorisha's Three Stone Asscher Cut CZ Ring
Was:$102.00  On Sale: $92.00
Grace's Channel Set CZ Eternity Pinky Ring
Was:$99.00  On Sale: $74.50
Eloise's CZ Sapphire Banded Three Stone Ring
Was:$95.00  On Sale: $75.00
Dao's Promise Ring - Round Cut CZ
Was:$95.00  On Sale: $84.00
Chelsea's Engagement Ring - Round Cut CZ
Was:$90.00  On Sale: $79.00
Liu's Ribbon Bow Pave CZ Ring
Was:$90.00  On Sale: $72.50
Stella's Silver CZ Eternity Band Ring
Was:$89.00  On Sale: $72.00
Selma's Thin Stackable CZ Eternity Band Ring
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $75.00
Peony's Promise Ring - Round CZ
Was:$80.00  On Sale: $70.00
Shayla's Cubic Zirconia Ring Guard
Was:$80.00  On Sale: $65.00
Sheera's Faux Diamond Ring Guard
Was:$80.00  On Sale: $65.00
Elisa's Promise Ring - Pink Princess Cut CZ
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $61.00
Holly's Round Cut CZ Eternity Band
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $60.00
3 Stone Anniversary Imitation Diamond CZ Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $64.00
Gia's Genuine Drusy Stackable Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $64.00
Vanessa's Engravable Heart CZ Promise Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $70.00
Loki's 3 Stone CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$74.00  On Sale: $64.00
Aren's Princess Cut CZ Stackable Eternity Ring
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $64.99
Leeva's CZ Diamond Wedding Ring - Gold Tone
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $41.00
Lisbeth's Faux Emerald Cocktail Ring
Was:$69.00  On Sale: $59.00
Angelina's CZ Pinky Eternity Band Ring
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $32.50
Riley's Princess Cut CZ Size 4 Ring
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $53.00
Serafina's Engagement Ring - Rose Gold Plated
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $50.00
Anastasia's Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $53.00
Elisa's Promise Ring - Clear Princess Cut CZ
Was:$64.00  On Sale: $54.00
Andy's Promise Ring - Heart Prong CZ - .75 Ct
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $50.00
Ruka's Heart & CZ Promise Ring
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $49.99
Sonia's Signity CZ Engagement Ring - Round Cut
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $32.99
Annie's Promise Ring - 1 CT Princess Cut CZ
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $49.00
Caprice's CZ Eternity Band Ring
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $39.99
Slim Stackable CZ Ring
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $45.00
Marlow's Round Cut 3 Stone Promise Ring
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $45.00
Emmett's Stainless Steel Men's skull Ring
Was:$54.00  On Sale: $49.00
Yara's CZ Promise Ring - Petite Double Band
Was:$54.00  On Sale: $48.00
Zejna's Gold Engagement Ring - Round Cut CZ
Was:$54.00  On Sale: $50.00
Caprice's Gold Plated Eternity Band
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $43.00
Fredericka's 2.5 Carat Promise Ring - Petite
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $46.00
Trista's Promise Ring - Clear Princess Cut CZ
Was:$49.99  On Sale: $24.95
Trista's Promise Ring - Canary Princess Cut CZ
Was:$49.99  On Sale: $24.95
Trista's Promise Ring - Pink Princess Cut CZ
Was:$49.99  On Sale: $24.95
Marion's Engagement Ring - 1.25 CT CZ
Was:$48.00  On Sale: $35.00
Morgan's Faux Emerald Ring - Gold Plated
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $34.00
Rellah's Engagement Ring - Round Cut CZ
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $38.00
Gisella's CZ Double Heart Commitment Ring
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $25.00

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Small fingers - big bling! Our collection of size 4 rings were designed with your hands in mind. Women with petite fingers and small hands love jewelry just as much as the rest of us, so we made a whole collection of butterfly ring! We have petite designs for cubic zirconia engagement rings, size 4 cubic zirconia rings, and fake diamond rings. If you prefer bigger, bolder bling, we also have glam eternity bands, elegant size 4 right hand rings, and unique size 4 cocktail rings. We even have some select size 3 rings! Some women prefer to wear size 4 rings as pinky rings, so we have anniversary pinky rings, promise rings, and stackable pinky rings. We have size 4 rings in nearly every color of the rainbow-fake diamond, simulated diamond rings. All of our ring sizes can be determined with our ring sizing kit.