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We’re paving the way for jewelry lovers everywhere with our fabulous collection of pavé jewelry. If you love wearing sparkly jewelry, but aren’t a fan of oversized stones, pavé jewelry gives you the dazzling effect you desire without the big carat stones. Our customers can’t get enough of our collection because we offer designer inspired pieces, without budget breaking prices. Whether you’re looking to add some new bling to your jewelry box for a special occasion, or you just want to treat yourself, we feature an array of jewelry to meet every woman’s needs.

If rings are your thing, our selection won’t disappoint! You’ll find rings for every occasion, making it easy to dress up your fingers in the finest designs around. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your engagement ring, there is no better time than now. We offer a bevy of beautiful engagement rings waiting for you to add to your private collection. Whether you prefer asscher cut rings, princess cut rings, or any other popular cut, we have them all. Our faux diamond engagement rings offer inexpensive alternatives to women that desire high end looks. Every CZ we utilize is cut to bring out the highest clarity and radiance, making our faux rings look like the real deal. Choose from bold or understated center stones, and complement your preferred stone with a chic pavé band. Many women love opting for pavé band engagement rings because they lend a little extra sparkle that gets noticed. Celebrate an anniversary or birthday with our top rated pavé rings and fool all your friends into thinking you spent a fortune.

Of course not everyone wants to grow their ring collection, and we understand. We offer a brilliant collection of pendant necklaces that make great go-to pieces. Simple pendant necklaces are always an effortless way to add a pinch of flair to any look. Whether you’re gearing up for work or play, a cute necklace is never a bad idea. Our collection of hamsa jewelry features chic and trendy pendant necklaces that look great with everything! Our sterling silver option features a petite Hamsa pavé charm, clad with tiny clear CZs. One light pink CZ is set in the middle, offering this pendant a feminine touch that stands out. This charm is worn by fashionistas who believe it brings good luck, so why not incorporate a lucky accessory that makes you look and feel lucky?! No matter what style pendant you’re craving, you’ll find it with us.

Regardless of your style persona, we offer trendy pavé jewelry that will highlight any look. Pavé style jewelry is very popular amongst many fashionistas, but real diamond pavé jewelry can be extremely pricey. Rather than dreaming about the jewelry collection you desire, make it happen with our affordable faux alternatives. Our collection makes incredible pieces accessible to working women on a budget. We believe jewelry lovers should never sacrifice owning great jewelry simply because they can’t spend a fortune. Thanks to our collection, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. Looking good has never been so affordable!

Fashion Contributor - Jennifer Franco
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Natty's Criss Cross Knotted CZ Band
Was:$133.00  On Sale: $39.90
Lacie's Round Cut Vintage Engagement Ring
Was:$95.40  On Sale: $28.62
Silver Horseshoe CZ Charm Ring
Was:$55.00  On Sale: $38.50
Silver CZ Wishbone Necklace
Was:$69.00  On Sale: $20.70
44mm CZ Art Deco Charm for Jewelry Making
Was:$215.00  On Sale: $64.50
47mm CZ Art Deco Charm for Jewelry Making
Was:$275.00  On Sale: $82.50
Achara's Peacock Pearl Dangle Earrings
Was:$1,050.00  On Sale: $315.00
Kali's .85 ct Round Cut CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$250.00  On Sale: $75.00
Karisma's Halo Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Set
Was:$210.00  On Sale: $63.00
Ani's Cocktail Ring - Blue CZ
Was:$61.00  On Sale: $18.30
Baker's CZ Pave cupcake Earrings - Gold
Was:$40.00  On Sale: $12.00
Baker's CZ Pave cupcake Necklace - Goldtone
Was:$65.00  On Sale: $19.50
Blake's Cushion Cut CZ Engagement Ring
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $77.00
Byron's CZ Pave Heart Charm Necklace
Was:$39.00  On Sale: $27.30
Carly's Oval Cut CZ Halo Engagement Ring
Was:$74.00  On Sale: $35.00
Cassie's Pave Canary CZ Eternity Ring
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $22.50
Charlene's Black CZ Drop Earrings
Was:$50.00  On Sale: $15.00
Designer Inspired Pave Trinity Rolling Ring
Was:$295.00  On Sale: $206.50
Dianna's Goldtone Pave CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$125.00  On Sale: $80.00
Eliese's Thick Pave CZ Eternity Ring Band
Was:$250.00  On Sale: $175.00
Elissa's Pave CZ Wedding Ring Set - 1.5 Carat
Was:$114.00  On Sale: $34.20
Jaidee's Peacock Pendant Necklace
Was:$1,000.00  On Sale: $300.00
Janaya's CZ Pave Sideways Cross Necklace
Was:$70.00  On Sale: $61.00
Kaitlyn's Pave CZ Bracelet
Was:$467.00  On Sale: $140.10
Kaitlyn's Petite Pave CZ Bracelet
Was:$320.00  On Sale: $144.00
Kaitlyn's Pave CZ Ring
Was:$275.00  On Sale: $82.50
Kalani Eternity Band CZ Ring
Was:$240.00  On Sale: $72.00
Kalare's Pear Drop Pave CZ Earrings
Was:$29.00  On Sale: $8.70
Kanika's Brilliant Cut Fancy Earrings
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $36.00
Kirby's Silvertone Crab Cocktail Ring
Was:$220.00  On Sale: $209.00
Kylie's CZ Pave Set Eternity Ring
Was:$110.00  On Sale: $33.00
Lani's Pave Hibiscus Flower Ring
Was:$120.00  On Sale: $36.00
Was:$104.95  On Sale: $24.99
Liv's Pave CZ Heart Charm Bracelet
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $21.00
Marinel's CZ Silvertone Ring Guard
Was:$75.00  On Sale: $52.50
Lyndi's Pave Snake Earrings - Silvertone
Was:$30.00  On Sale: $9.00
Madge's Goldtone Pave CZ Buckle Ring
Was:$255.00  On Sale: $76.50
Maya's CZ Pave Layered Flower Cocktail Ring
Was:$37.00  On Sale: $11.10
Mimi's Pave CZ Butterfly Necklace
Was:$105.00  On Sale: $80.00
Moa's Pave CZ Pear Shaped Dangle Earrings
Was:$200.00  On Sale: $60.00
Montbeliard Canary Cocktail Ring - 9 TCW
Was:$185.00  On Sale: $55.50
Nissa's Bird and Pearl Hoop Earrings
Was:$795.00  On Sale: $238.50
Pandora's CZ Rose Ring
Was:$160.00  On Sale: $48.00
Rissa's Pave CZ Heart Anklet
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $42.00
Ronna's CZ Clover Cocktail Ring
Was:$79.20  On Sale: $23.76
Sage's Goldtone CZ Flower Wedding Ring Set
Was:$60.00  On Sale: $18.00
Sarah's Petite Pave Star Necklace
Was:$35.00  On Sale: $24.50
Was:$99.00  On Sale: $29.70
Sheryl's 2.5 CT Cushion Cut CZ Engagement Ring
Was:$85.00  On Sale: $25.50
Sorai's Grasshopper Necklace and Brooch
Was:$1,030.00  On Sale: $309.00
Tida's Koi Fish Necklace and Brooch
Was:$2,450.00  On Sale: $735.00
Zola's Set of 5 Silvertone Stackable Rings
Was:$240.00  On Sale: $155.00
Zola's Set of 5 Stackable Rings - Goldtone
Was:$245.00  On Sale: $155.00
Zora's Round Cut CZ Wedding Ring Set
Was:$135.00  On Sale: $126.90

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